Axiological view of martial arts training

  • Junya Sone Osaka University of Sport und Science
Keywords: physical education, performance, education, success, violence, corporal punishment


This article deals with the problem of violence and physical punishment in sports training from the point of view of Makiguchi's "axiology". First of all, it is stated that in sports training values can be desired from the educational point of view, but a justified meaning can also be attributed to winning for the sake of victory. Sometimes it can be observed that victory is given an exaggerated value. In Japan, for example, there is a discourse on the teaching that "victory at all costs" exists in the sporting environment. In this respect, the critics point out that the importance of sport from an educational point of view lies in the formation of an awareness of victory. As a reason for this it is assumed that the playful element in sport has been excluded and the competitive element has been emphasized in order to give sport an educational significance.

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