General Information

General Information

The content of a contribution should focus on a problem area relevant to JOMAR and be clearly assigned to a contribution category (e.g. main contribution, research report, review). Please check the corresponding requirements resulting from the journal's guiding concept.

The submitting author is the main contact for editorial correspondence, if necessary during the entire peer review and proofreading process, and bears the corresponding responsibility towards his co-authors.

Manuscripts should use our provided template and all acceptance criteria for submission must be met. This concerns above all the conditions for publication under the Creative Commons license as well as compliance with formal requirements for manuscript composition and the citation standard. The standard template of the German Association for Sports Science is considered a general recommendation.

If possible, the article should follow a traditional pattern: Introduction (motivation, problem identification and a short literature review), investigation (background, method, materials, topics, results and discussion) and conclusion.

Articles should be written in German or English (British or American as long as consistency is maintained) and should not contain spelling or punctuation mistakes. If you are not a native speaker, please have the manuscript professionally edited before submitting the final version.

Submission and Peer Review Process

Contributions are to be sent exclusively via this online platform, for which registration is required.

Each article should be accompanied by a title page containing the following information: Name of the author or all other contributors with institutional affiliation, address, telephone numbers and e-mail address as well as a short profile of the authors of max. 100 words.

During submission, further information on metadata (e.g. subject area, keywords,...) must be provided - please have this information ready. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 keywords should be assigned!

In the course of submission, it is possible to submit proposals to the publisher for possible reviewers. Please use the field 'Comments for editors'.

Entries will be double-blind reviewed in accordance with our guidelines. Submissions will be confirmed immediately.

Citation Standards

JOMAR uses the citation standard of the APA (American Psychological Association, 6th edition). References (including references to personal messages) and references are placed in the body of the text and not in footnotes. For each quote or statement specific enough to require a reference, put the quote in brackets (name of author, year of publication of the work quoted or mentioned, quoted page[s]), that is: (Author, 2004) or (Author, 2004, p. 123). Authors should cite only sources that are relevant and necessary; excessive citations in the body of the text should be avoided. There should be no supernumerary entries in the bibliography that remain unquoted in the manuscript body.

Footnotes shall be limited to matters immediately necessary for an understanding of the text. These are numbered consecutively throughout the text by superscript numbers. The only footnotes in the article should be substantiated, as here: 1st author (2004) makes the same point, but with a completely different conclusion, namely that A is actually different from B.

The bibliographic information contains the complete citation of each publication cited in the text. All entries must be sorted alphabetically by author. The list of consecutive works by the same author is sorted in descending order of publication year.