Reviewer Guidelines

In general, the principles of good scientific practice apply to JOMAR and thus also to its reviewing activities. To ensure the transparency of the entire process, we would like to inform you about the submission and review process.

After an author has submitted a manuscript electronically in one of the sections of the journal and in accordance with the regulations, consulting reviewers are selected and requested by the Editorial Board (two per manuscript). The following steps must then be taken into account:

Step 1: First, a formal review request is sent by e-mail containing the link to the file of the manuscript to be reviewed. After receiving the invitation, please check the following questions before accepting the invitation:

  • Do I have sufficient expertise for the topic described?
  • Is there a conflict of interest for me?
  • Is it possible for me to prepare the expert opinion within a period of 4 weeks?
If you are unable to prepare the report for one of the above reasons, please try to propose another colleague and inform the co-editor responsible for the manuscript of your decision.

Step 2: After accepting the invitation you should check

  • whether the topic is of interest to the readers of JOMAR,
  • whether the article is compliant with the APA standard (citation),
  • whether the required length of the article was adhered to and
  • whether the manuscript generally corresponds to the author's guidelines.
If you have any concerns, please inform the co-editor responsible for the manuscript immediately.

Step 3: The expert opinion is prepared by you on the basis of the expert opinion template and transmitted via the editorial system of this website. You should remove names and references to yourself from the review or feedback to ensure anonymization during the review process. You can upload your feedback/appraisal as a text document or enter it in the available online form.

Step 4: The responsible co-editor summarizes the two reports and makes a decision on their acceptance in consultation with the managing editor(s). These and the information for the authors in the report must be sent to the authors.