Body of Qi — Body in Qi

A Paradox of Asia in Multi-Perspective Critical Consideration

  • Peter Kuhn Universität Bayreuth
Keywords: qi, ki, 氣, philology, religious studies, medicine, natural sciences, health science, movement science, martial arts, hermeneutics, philosophy


The objective of the study is to critically examine 氣 (qi) from the perspectives of various academic disciplines: philology, philosophy, religious studies, medicine, natural sciences, health and movement sciences with regard to their significance for martial arts. Hermeneutics is chosen as the method. It is based on an extensive literature search. The main finding is that 氣 is not a phenomenon, but a construct and as such a pre-enlightenment attempt to give a name to the — experienced, perceived, and observed — inexplicable. This happens in everyday-pragmatic and utilitarian regard, whereby humans can be imagined as “body of 氣” and “body in 氣”. Contextuality is seen as a promising approach to the understanding of 氣.

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Kuhn, P. (2019). Body of Qi — Body in Qi. Journal of Martial Arts Research, 2(2), 18.
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