A Fighter’s Life

Conceptualizing a Cross-Cultural Research Program

  • Kristin Behr
  • Peter Kuhn Universität Bayreuth
Keywords: Martial arts, Combat sports, cross-cultural approach, biography, in-depth interview, athlete's career


The paper conceptualizes a cross-cultural research program on fighters’ lives. Within the research context of research on athletes’ careers, fighters’ (auto-)biographies, disciplinary studies about fighting, and successful aging at work the authors aim at modelling typical life courses of fighters at a maximum diversity. The main data source are in-depth interviews with high- and top-level martial artists and combat sports athletes. Concerning findings, an overview is presented which can be put in the nutshell that fighters’ lives are diverse, distinct, and dynamic. Against this backdrop the authors provide an outlook on further research.

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Behr, K., & Kuhn, P. (2019). A Fighter’s Life. Journal of Martial Arts Research, 2(2), 8. https://doi.org/10.15495/ojs_25678221_22_99
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